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It is funny thing, when I came here I counted how long I have already been here. But since the time goes on I have started to count how much time I have left. Not much. For some reason this comes to my mind 'Like sand though the hourglass... so are the days of our lives'. Yes, I loved that show when I was younger. No shame here. 

Anyways, I had again two days off in row so decided to explore Sevilla. Like always I was traveling alone, but like almost every time when I have went to another city near by and stayed in another hostel, there is always some familiar faces - customers. And this time it was actually really nice! We had so much fun. All of us stayed at the same hostel Black Swan (recommendations goes to this one!) by accident. 

Like always, when ever I have day off it is raining, no exceptions this time either. But that didn't stop us because everyone was prepared! We did a free walking tour, after that we had our own 'explore and get lost- tour'.  The last morning I had the final touch with Sevilla and I went to see the Real Alcazar. I have to say, that I prefer Cordoba's 'copied' Alcazar. In my opinion it is prettier. But that's just my opinion.

Here is a few pictures of The Real Alcazar of Sevilla: 

So I have only 2,5 weeks left. That sounds horrible. 1,5 weeks till the deadline of all the schoolwork has to be done. That sounds even worse. 

But on the other hand there is pretty exiting things happening. I'm going to visit Cádiz before I leave and my birthday is around the corner too! Actually it is on the same day that the deadline is so, lots of reasons to celebrate. Well if I'm being honest I'm freaking out about my birthday as well... Gladly my friend is coming to Córdoba, so I can't spend the evening crying in the corner of my room, haha. And as this was not enough, La Féria starts tomorrow, yey! So many things, so little time. 

So maybe next post is about; Càdiz, my bday, la Féria and me crying on top of my keyboard because I have to go back home.

Till the next time!

Hasta luego,

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When I first started to write this blog post I felt like nothing special has happened in the past few weeks. Then I realized that I was in Granada and that was so much fun! So I'm going to write about that, hah. 

Round trip from Córdoba to Granada was about 23€ and it took about 2,5hours(one way). I left from Córdoba 8:30am after nice 5hours sleep and arrived Granada 11am. 

I stayed at hostel named Makuto. It is located to the oldest part of the city, neighborhood called Albaicìn. The hostel arranged sunset walking tours every evening to these amazing viewpoints and a 'family' dinner at the hostel,which was so nice. I met so many new people and some old ones from my workplace as well. 

I'm so sorry that I didn't take more pictures... but you know, I was having too much fun!

The city itself was a mix of old and new. Everything was so pretty, and I spent most of the time just walking around. I didn't went to Alhambra because I didn't booked it advance plus it costs something like 50€.... But I walk around it and visited some really beautiful patios as well.

All and all, I had very nice 'vacation' in Granada!

Favorite spot: 'The Caves', which was the final stop for the sunset walking tour. Perfect view.

Favorite restaurant: Paprika. Best. Food. Ever. (and vegan!)

Favorite place to chill: Makuto guesthouse! Great people and great atmosphere! Highly recommended. 

 Hasta luego,

EDIT: I thought that this was published two weeks ago, but last night I noticed that this was on drafts.... ups

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Top 10


Once again two weeks has passed and it is time for new blogpost. But what has happened in this time? 
Well, I've been working quite lot, my mon visited me and also I started a 'new' hobby; running. It is the best way to get to know the city and find great places, which brings me to the next subject(and what I promised on my last post); get to know the city of Córdoba!

Actually I'm gonna introduce few of my favorite places in Córdoba. In fact these are the exact places what I recommend to the guests as well, not because I have to, rather because I feel like these are the places which makes Córdoba special.

Some of the places are little bit more touristy than others, and some of the places are like hidden secrets. But without further ado here is my favorite spots!

La Mezquita 

The reason why people know Córdoba is because of this. And no wonder why, it is really breathtaking. (Tip! The mosque is free almost every morning from 8:30 till 9:20, after that it is 10€)

Alcàzar reyes Cristianos 

The gardens of Alcazar. I had no expectations what so ever but when I visited there I fall deep in love with the place. So beautiful. (Tip! Free on thursdays)

Plaza de la Corredera 

Beautiful historical square. Very local. Perfect place to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee (or cerveza) and watch as people come and go.

Parque de la Asomadilla 

Huge park, with great view point. Really a hidden gem! I accidentally found it when I was running. (Tip! Go and have a piknik, run or just read a book in the park but stay till sunset.) 

Plaza de las Tendillas 

This is the main square of Córdoba and also a place where the free walking tour starts everyday 10:30. FWT lasts about 2hours and I highly recommend it. It gives a good view of the city and its history.

Palacio de Viana

Visna's palace is known for its patios. In Córdoba the patios are the main thing in may, actually there is a festival for them. Palacio de Viana has 12 patios, so if you are interested to see beautiful nature this place is what I recommend. (Tip! Visit here before may and on wednesdays after 2pm, it's free!) ) 

La bicicleta 

If you enjoy eating fresh and organic food this is the place to be. (Tip! The fresh squeezed juices are amazing) 


Great view to the river, and even better service. Run by this Italian man Giuseppe who makes everyone feel welcome. (Tip! Take Tinto de verano con limon) 

Mercado Victoria

Like a local market hall. Food stands from all over the world and cheap. Great atmosphere. On weekends a club opens on the other side of the building. (Tip! Try local dish Salmorejo here.) 


One of the oldest taverns in Córdoba. Order food and go sit by the steps of la mezquita. (Tip! Order tortillas de patatas) 

Few more things; La Sierra: best mall in Córdoba, with a huge supermarket. Califa: if you enjoy great local artisan beer, this is the place to be. Roman bridge: The bridge it self is fine, but if you like to see the city all illuminated in the evening, go to the other side of the river. La mesquita looks just beautiful. Martha's Churro bar; Best churros in Córdoba.

And the biggest TIP of them all is; take your map and just get lost. 

Hasta luego,

maanantai 3. huhtikuuta 2017

Cordoba BED AND BE


So, first week down, nine more to go!

Like I told earlier, I'm doing my internship here in Cordoba. More specifically I'm working in a hostel called Cordoba BED AND BE. The reason why the name is bed and be and not bed and breakfast is because there is so much more than just breakfast. 'Be' stands for breakfast, bikes, beer and just be who you are. Cordoba BED AND BE is a home away from home. There is another hostel which is a part of the BED AND BE family, it's called OPTION BE(7 minutes walk from here).

The location of BED AND BE couldn't be more perfect: 10minutes away from the main railway and bus stations, 2 minutes walk to the main square Plaza de las Tendillas and 5 minutes away from the famous Mesquita Catedral. Cordoba it self is a small city, and you can walk or cycle everywhere in 15 minutes. More about the details and tips of the city in the next post.

Cordoba BED AND BE is in four floors. On the ground floor is reception, patio and bike rental.

View up from the patio

There is 5 rooms and two shared bathrooms in the first floor. The rooms are; two private double rooms, dorm for three, loft room for three, 4 person female dorm and 4 person mixed dorm.

On the second floor there is two private double rooms, one 4 bed mixed dorm, kitchen for guests, two bathrooms and living room.

Kitchen in the 2nd floor

Third floor has the biggest room of the hostel, 8 person mixed dorm and private double room. And a bathrooms, of course.

88 steps from down to up
Last but definitely not least is the fourth floor aka Atico. There is no rooms in the attic but there is a kitchen where the breakfast is served every morning, a dining area, terrace and roof top.


Every evening there is a gathering in the ground floor at 8:30PM, it's called first drink. Basically it means that everybody (the guests from option be and bed and be) can join, and we'll go for tapas, dinner, beer whatever they want. It's very chilled and flexible, and the point is to get to know each other.

I love this place, the hostels and the city, so much. I'm so grateful that I can do my internship here.

It's all about the details

More information;
Also I recommend to check The Telegraphs reviews from  Córdoba bed and be and from Option be Córdoba.

That is all for now.

Hasta luego,

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Final countdown


My name is Anna and I study Travel & Tourism in Perho Business College.
I'm going to work in a hostel in Córdoba, Andalusia for almost 3 months and here you can read about my adventures.

So the official final countdown has just begun, because I'm leaving in next monday. So exited! Got to continue my packing and panicking.

Hasta luego,